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Madame Fling Flong – closed :(

Behind the bar - where the magic happens

Behind the bar – where the magic happens

For a long time Madame Fling Flong was one of a rare breed of small cocktail bars. The Madame inhabited the second floor above a tapas restaurant on the King St strip for years but has recently expanded to take over the whole establishment.

The Apple-pie-tini, and some passionfruit cocktail

The Apple-pie-tini, and some passionfruit cocktail

Perhaps due to the onslaught of small bars opening recently, Madame Fling Flong is one of the few cocktails bars in Newtown where you can find a seat for more than one on a Friday night. Patrons might have journeyed off to try out the shiny, trendy or unknown but this does not undermine the fact that Madame Fling Flong is still a perfect place to go if you are looking for well-made cocktails and scrumptious bar food.

Upstairs is still where the bar shows off all its character and appeal. The mismatching sofas and armchairs are invitingly well worn and the 70’s velvet from your grandfather’s living room buddys up with the lion-clawed and regency-inspired. The lamps and even the mirrors are adorned with fringes and gorgeous art noveau wallpaper livens up the warm crimson walls.

The tapas menu is impressive, with carefully chosen ingredients and well-composed flavours they are more like a slather of mini-entrees at a decent restaurant than your usual tapas fare. Our recommendation: simply try everything. To my delight, the mouth-watering dessert menu makes a nice change to those in many small bars. The chocolate fondant was warm and gooey and not overly sweet.

Kangaroo meat tapas

Kangaroo meat tapas

The cocktails are equally well-crafted and once again everything we sat and sipped was worthwhile. The espresso martini is perfectly balanced and far too drinkable for something that is all caffeine and liquor. The apple-pie-tini was an adorable addition that came complete with house-made shortbread. Sadly, the wine selection leaves much to be desired (oh and trust me: stay away from the mulled wine), but Madame Fling Flong’s redeeming qualities mean this mishap is quickly forgotten.

Next time you’re eager for a night that guarantees good food, cocktails and cosy seats for all, then ignore the hype of the newest bars. Madame Fling Flong delivers on all accounts bundled up in the nostalgia of an old favourite haunt.


Madame Fling Flong
169 King St, Newtown

Madame Fling Flong on Urbanspoon


EDIT: Unfortunately Madame Fling Flong’s is now closed. If you want to keep up with what The Madame is up to next, you can follow her on Twitter here.



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