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The Little Guy


A kind of garden theme going on

I visited The Little Guy twice before writing this review, and on each occasion one thing really stood out – how delightful the bar staff were. I’m talking a can-we-please-be-friends demeanour. Different people on each occasion, everyone was so welcoming and genuinely happy to be working there. A factor that I believe runs parallel to the vibe of a bar.

394980_10151129587941086_1534916835_n copy

Plenty of comfy seating

The place is larger than it appears from the street, going back quite far with three split rooms on the ground level, and an upstairs section. The paraphernalia is to a minimum here, which I appreciate. I’m not a huge fan of the way some bars clutter bookshelves and bar tops with antiquated plastic shit. Unless The Little Guy is hiding that stuff upstairs, which I didn’t venture to.

One of the large tables on the ground level doubles up as a chalk-board, which causes my inner child to clap with glee, and my inner da Vinci to stroke his beard. Chalk provided. I’m sure many a crude and imaginative thing have been drawn under the influence of alcohol and candlelight. I drew a pig. Another barhopper drew a whale. Our drawings were pretty great.


A friendly bartender in action

In between my first and second visit both the food and cocktail menu had changed. The cocktail menu was a bit minimal for my liking, however it changes on a weekly basis, and they have a decent wine selection. In my opinion the food was fancy (meaning I didn’t really know what anything was), well priced however, and tasty. I think among our group we tried every item on the tapas-style menu, and everyone enjoyed their selections. So I recommend everything! For the less adventurous, or less hungry, they have complimentary spiced popcorn, of which we consumed many bowls worth – loving this trend in small bars.


Chalk table and food choices!

The Little Guy is endearing in style and atmosphere, quite befitting of its name. It will keep you coming back for a casual drink as the sun streams through the window of an afternoon, but to be honest, I’d go back just for a chat with the bartenders.


The Little Guy
87 Glebe Point Road

The Little Guy on Urbanspoon


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