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Hinky Dinks


Do you ever wish you were growing up in the 1950s? When there was only one type of milk and it was delivered to your door every morning, when television wasn’t on after 8 at night, rock n’ roll was all oohs ahhs and peggy sues, and the closest thing to using a mobile phone you could get was tying a piece of string to two cans.

Is it just me, or does the 1950s sound all kinds of boring? Give me supermarket-bought soymilk and 24/7 internet any day.

But you know, the 1950s weren’t a complete write-off. Even I get a twinge of yearning when I think about checkerboard tiles and olive-coloured fridges in the old milkbars. And really, who doesn’t like a good perm.


Said bartender with starched white tee and neatly parted hair

Enter Hinky Dinks. This 1950s inspired small bar in Darlinghurst is all the fun with none of the fresh-faced bore. Sure the staff have starch white t-shirts and neatly parted hair even Mormans would be proud of, but rather than asking your father for his permission to take you to the 6pm movie, they’ll ply you with alcohol. My type of man.


A delicious Banana Nuclear Daquiri and a Pear Cider

As for the drinks menu, tastiness abounds with a pretty excellent range of cocktails and wine, a solid mix of beer and the odd drop of cider. Some drinks are, according to the menu, only available in limited numbers. As to whether that’s true, you’ll have to take it up with the bartenders. And as you do, prepare to swoon like a thing that swoons. Did I mention the tight t-shirts?


Hinky Dinks menu and the Polenta Chips with Aioli

The food is delicious with some tip top daily specials. The tacos were the big winner of the evening, particularly the braised chicken one, which you’ll come to know as hurry-up-and-get-in-my-mouth. Proving once again that grains are cool, the polenta chips and aioli are another wizard choice.

And there’s exposed brick. Inner designers, rejoice.


Taking you back to the 50s

At the end of the day, Hinky Dinks is a great little bar. That said, while it’s a tops weeknight haunt or afternoon pittstop, it doesn’t have that main event type of feel. Maybe it’s the size, the fact that it’s got a bit of wholesomeness hangover from the theme, or just that as a Sydneysider I function best in less spritely places more conducive to bitching about public transport, bloody Barry and how triple j’s changed.


Era appropriate olive coloured fridge

Whatever the reason though, don’t let it be a deterrence. This place is worth a visit, and if it doesn’t endear itself to you enough after that, this blog from the owners about Hinky Dink’s birth might just do the trick. Aw those guys.

– SH

Hinky Dinks

185 Darlinghurst Road


Hinky Dinks on Urbanspoon


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