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Small Bar

In the beginning there was a bar. And that bar was small. It was the very first small bar in Sydney. The first of its kind to forge a path in Sydney’s history of a new culture, a new age of the quaint, the quirky and the cultured. Small Bar Sydney in Erskine St holds this grand title firmly with both hands.


Small Bar on Erskine St

One of our first reviews described Baxters as masculine. Well I’d describe Small Bar as Baxter’s sexy, European girlfriend; a little bit feminine. Not doilies and lace with pretty butterflies and teacups (that’s Grandma’s Bar). Just a cosy and warm atmosphere with striking exposed brick walls and a fondness for a dimmer switch.

Although small, it never felt cramped. When we ventured downstairs to discover the jewel in the Small Bar crown, a basement full of sofas, it had a relaxed vibe like we were at someone’s house. Granted that person would have to have a lotta dollars to afford such a freaking awesome house. A few quaint balconies and twinkling lights added to the friendly mood.


Twinkling lights in the basement area of our dreams

The only down point was from our reclining in the basement of our dreams, a good waft of eau de toilette (and I mean actually…the toilet smell) kept creeping into my nostrils.

The guac for the nachos was pretty ace. The salad had a flood of beetroots (as described by our resident salad reviewer) and the wasabi aioli was hot enough and mild enough to dip into with those tasty tasty onion rings without that burning sensation that leaves your mouth numb.


Onion rings with wasabi aioli and an impatient barhopper, nachos with guacamole and Two Birds Golden Ale

The Keith Tullock Semillon was recommended by one of the bartenders and for good reason. We’ve been searching for the bottle ever since. Although, those bartenders did seem a little too unprepared for the amount of people that had arrived that night. We had collected a lot of glasses and plates on our table after a few hours that didn’t seem to budge too quickly.


Exposed brick and mood lighting set with a fondness for the dimmer switch

All in all the space was inviting, the drinks were delicious and the food original and fresh. If Small Bar was the first of it’s kind in Sydney, it definitely set a high standard for the small bars to come.

– RW

Small Bar

48 Erskine St

Small Bar on Urbanspoon


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