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Jester Seeds – closed :(


Jester Seeds, Newtown

Jester’s might look like another hole in the wall but venture through the skinny hallway and you may find yourself a little like that girl who walked through that ugly wardrobe and discovered the land of Narnia. Maybe a lot less dramatic and minus the snow but basically it was a lot more awesome than I thought it would be.

Don’t judge the bar by the sprinkling of seats on the outside, head inside and you’ll stumble into a spacious room full of vintage seats and low wooden tables, a place for the one-on-one’s as well as the bigger groups. There’s an astroturfed area further back or head upstairs for more seating and a mini art gallery. If you don’t love this bar already because I said the word astroturf then I guess you can read on to find something else to love (which won’t be very difficult).


Vintage seats and blotchy walls

Even if I’m a little sick of sitting on milk crates as chairs these days, there is something so natural and genuine about the blotchy walls, retro stools and exposed light bulbs that makes Jester’s feel effortlessly comfortable, quirky and charming.


Plenty of seating for one on ones, and for larger groups

There is a large and affordable cocktail menu, something is bound to catch your attention. Who knew pineapple could be spiced, sprinkled with cinnamon, and mixed with rum? Go for the Jack Pudding cocktail if you’re a fruit fan and have a chat with the lovely bartender while he makes your drink with his big frames and a nice smile.

Jester Seeds Food

Sweet potato fries and pepper squid

As for the food, sweet potato fries for $4 and salt and pepper squid for $6? Yes please. The squid was tasty and peppery leaving you with a little fire on your tongue. The generous serving of light and crispy fries with a dash of herb salt and garlic aioli dip on the side was addictive. Fries and Aioli should get married. Ketchup – no one likes you, you can go away now.


Milk crates and retro stools

If you love a small bar with character and little pockets of surprises, then you’ll leave Jester’s only wanting to be back.

– TL

Jester Seeds

127 King St

Newtown, Sydney

Jester Seeds on Urbanspoon

EDIT: Unfortunately Jester Seeds is now closed, if you want to keep up with Rey and his army of gnomes are up to next, like their page here.



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