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The Hazy Rose

Class and quality. The Hazy Rose is decked out with upholstered chairs and polished wood tables; tassles, pineapples and patterned olive wallpaper. Its décor is a fusion of colonial exotica and 1940s charm. It manages to remain elegant whilst being a little over the top and having some fun with vintage style.


A decor that is a fusion of colonial exotica and 1940s charm

The playful finery creates the kind of place where you immediately feel like you naturally ooze with class. The service is friendly and impeccable, with a suave greeting as soon as you reach the top step and a glass of water that swiftly appears to quench your traveller’s thirst. The dim rose lighting and stained glass lamps add your pick of romance or mystery to the room. The bartender was very knowledgeable and happy to talk us through the wine list in delicious detail. Glass of red in hand and it becomes a blissful escape after a long day at work.



Eggplant and spiced carrot dip

It doesn’t take much to stumble over rumors and recommendations about the cocktails at the Hazy Rose and we surely weren’t disappointed. Their superb quality was matched hand-in-hand by the passion of the bartender. They were expertly crafted, creative and accompanied by a wine list full of solid choices. The food menu is limited and changes daily. But the eggplant and spiced carrot dips well surpassed the usual dipping faire and came with a generous serving of bread.

598917_10151310897886086_490245517_nThe Hazy Rose provides a high standard in service and drinks that makes it feel indulgent in an atmosphere that is both relaxed and sophisticated. It is a place where an elaborate boozy concoction seems like something you most certainly deserve.


The Hazy Rose
83 Stanley Street

The Hazy Rose on Urbanspoon


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