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Sydney BarWeek 2013 – Events

Sugarcane Sundays at Chimmi’s


Slightly dangerous rum tasting at Chimmi’s

Hidden away in Bondi, this small bar hosted Sugarcane Sunday, a night dedicated to rum and lovers of rum. Just to clear something up – girls can love rum too. Various brand names had set up little stalls displaying their rum, and housing friendly and knowledgable people dispensing the rum. Bacardi did this great thing where you coupled a bit of chocolate with the rum to take off the edge. This was great for someone who loves rum, but is not accustomed to drinking it straight. However, no amount of chocolate can take the edge off Bacardi 151. That shit takes your breath away.

Sipping on small portions of rum out of medicine cups is quite dangerous – “I’m not really drinking, I’m just tasting…” It adds up, and it had certainly added up for some of the people I met there. While the rum representatives were delightful, the bartender from Chimmi’s that I ordered from was less than polite. He was probably just impatient to drink the rum himself.


Level 2 500 Oxford St
Bondi Junction

Chimmi's on Urbanspoon

Julep Night at Miss Peaches

Miss Peaches

Miss Peaches in Newtown dressed up in their best overalls for their all-American julep night. Four speciality julep cocktails, featuring their signature bourbon Woodford Reserve, were the highlight of their Barweek adventures. The staff were ridiculously friendly and we had a good ole’ chin wag as they concocted our bitter-sweet (they were actually really bitter and really sweet) drinks.

We sat on the balcony overlooking the Newtown traffic below us, as the sun went down and the so did the drinks, it was a pleasant and relaxed night at one of Newtown’s best small bars.


Miss Peaches
201 Missenden Road
Wed – Sun, 3pm – 12am

Miss Peaches on Urbanspoon

Man Vs Food Challenge at The Norfolk Hotel

Norfolk 6

Man Vs Food Challenge at the Norfolk Hotel, Surry Hills

The gods of barhopping must have been shining down on us on Monday night as a few of us left Miss Peaches and scraped in the door at The Norfolk just in time for the Man Vs Food challenge. The seemingly all bearded contestants were already bibbed and seated around the bar, innocent looking plates of the World’s Hottest Nachos at the ready. A jovial crowd gathered. Then BAM the eating began! The guys shovelled nachos into their mouths with oversized hands! The bartender called the race into the mic! Chilli dripped down chins! Monday Barhoppers got in the way and filmed things!

The guy closest to us won, probably spurred up to super human eating levels by our over enthusiastic cheering. We hung around the excellent outdoor area for a few more hours, sampling a tasty pulled pork taco and refreshing drinks. It’s not a small bar by any means but The Norfolk makes our list of great places to hang out on a Monday night.


The Norfolk Hotel
305 Cleveland St

The Norfolk on Urbanspoon

A huge thank you to Australian Bartender Magazine and all round awesome guy Dave Spanton for having us at Sydney BarWeek!


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